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 In 1998 I retired from IBM after 21 years in software development. I didnít actually retireóI just stopped working in order to finally apply myself to creative activities that I wasnít willing to put off any longer. One was writing. Another was music. In 2001, I moved to Denton to study composition at the University of North Texas. I wasnít out to get another degree, I just wanted to take the courses that interested me. When I had done that, I turned to the visual arts, which is when I got drawn into printmaking.


On this site you can browse what Iíve produced in all three fields: three books, a collection of prints, and music that ranges from songs to a concerto for viola and orchestra. In between these pursuits Iíve found time to invent a unique word game.


My latest book is a newly-published collection of brief vignettes modeled on the "Keats and Chapman" stories by Myles na Gopaleen, aka Flann O'Brien, aka Brian O'Nolan. Like the originals, each concludes with a soul-searing pun. You have been warned.


Blankity-Blank! is my own original word game. It should appeal to anyone who likes crosswords, Scrabble, and related games and puzzles.

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