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A Creative New Word Game For
2–6 Players Ages 12 and Older

Read a review from the producers of the Table For Two show on YouTube. They gave Blankity-Blank! a score of 22 points out of a possible 25. Thanks, Jane and Phil.


Blankity-Blank! Box

The box is a compact 7"×4"×3", easy to carry anywhere.

Blankity-Blank! answer sheet

The answer sheet helps you keep your words aligned so you always know where to fill in the missing letters.

(To print your own answer sheets, six to a page, download this PDF file.)


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Blankity-Blank! will challenge your vocabulary and your ability to think fast!

It takes no time at all to learn how to play Blankity-Blank! To begin each round you draw a card like this from the box:

1-point card

On the front of the card is an incomplete word with some letters left blank. Write this pattern on an answer sheet; this way you won't have to keep referring to the card. Now start the timer. In 3 minutes, how many words can you write down, replacing the missing letters? Did you think of thieves or trifled or thinner or trigger or twister? Those are only a few of the possible solutions; to see more, click on this card.

When time is up, compare your list with the other players and cross off any duplicates; you get points only for the words that you alone wrote down. Then add up your score. The card tells you what each word is worth, from 1 point for patterns that match dozens of words to 3 points for the really tough ones that have only a few solutions.

When you've finished scoring this round, turn the card over. On the back you'll find a list of the more common words that match that pattern, like the example above. This can be an amusing phase of the game, as players see words that they know perfectly well but just couldn't come up with.

The card doesn't necessarily list all the possible words. Sometimes there isn't room for every word. Some are left out because they're obscure. Others are missing because they're for adults only. Nothing in the rules says you can't play naughty words, but the lists have been edited because Blankity-Blank! is a family game.

Continue playing with additional cards. The game ends when one player has a total of 25 points, or 50 points, or any winning score you choose.

Play Blankity-Blank! now.
1-point card   2-point card   3-point card

You can simulate three rounds of Blankity-Blank! right here. Jot down the pattern from one of these cards, click the button below the card to start the timer, and write all the matching words you can think of. At the end of 3 minutes you'll hear a bell or a gong, and the card will turn face-down to show the list of solutions. While the timer is running you can't look at the back of the card; that wouldn't be fair.

With more than 500 different cards, Blankity-Blank! delivers many hours of thought-provoking fun. It comes complete with a pad of blank answer sheets and a timer. It's the perfect game for parties, picnics, quiet evenings at home, or long trips in the back of a minivan. Students can even use it to build their language skills.

If you like Sc-a-bl- or B--gl- or H-n-ma- or cr-s-w--d p-z-l-s or c--pt--r-ms, you're sure to like Blankity-Blank!


Tips for playing Blankity-Blank!

  • Take advantage of words with common suffixes. If the puzzle ends with i--, then there's a good chance that many of the solutions will end with ing, ive, ize, or ion.
  • Let one word suggest another. If you play packer, this may naturally lead to picker, then to picket, pocket, pocked, packed, picked, and so on.
  • Look for chances to play different forms of the same verb. If you play wades, you may be able to play wader and waded as well.
  • Note that some entries are not allowed, namely proper nouns, contractions, hyphenated words, and abbreviations.
  • Duplicate entries are eliminated and score no points for anyone. This includes alternative spellings: You can play defence or defense, but not both. And if two players use alternative spellings of a word, both entries are eliminated as duplicates.
  • On the other hand, you may play words that include letters with a diacritic (a mark above the letter, such as an accent ´ or a circumflex ^). If the pattern is --u-e, then either sauté or saute is legal (but not both in the same round).



Blankity-Blank! is made in the USA.

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