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Sampling A Browser's Book of Texas History is like driving the roads of Texas and finding an unfamiliar historical marker, with one difference: Instead of what happened at that place, you can read about what happened on that date. Even a dedicated historian is likely to find something surprising, amusing, sobering, thought-provoking, or just plain odd.

Triumphs, tragedies, and absurdities; calamities and miracles; natural and man-made disasters; and Texas's notorious weather are all part of the pageant of a state that just seems naturally to breed colorful people and bigger-than-life events.


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For centuries, Texans have had interesting things to say about themselves, their home, and the rest of the world. For that matter, people beyond its borders have had interesting things to say about Texas and Texans for almost as long.


A Browser's Book of Texas Quotations brings together nearly seven hundred noteworthy quotations from or about Texas. Some come from the familiar Great Texans, others from people as plain as a struggling homesteader or the editor of a one-page prairie newspaper. Collectively they form a portrait of this unique place in the words of the people who have lived and created the Texas experience.


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