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Thereís a Lot That You Donít Know

Youíd like us to believe that youíre the smartest man around.

The cameras always follow you whenever youíre in town.

You play for all the marbles, and you always play to win.

You know how to work the system. Youíre the best thereís ever been.

Well, all that may be so.

But thereís a lot that you donít know.


You canít see any profit in treating people fair,

So youíve given up on kindness or acting like you care.

There has to be an angle to everything you do.

But youíll regret it when your past catches up with you.

It just goes to show

Thereís a lot that you donít know.


Youíre in for a shock when the party finally ends.

You may have lots of allies, but you donít have any friends.

You just used everybody, but they used you as well.

When they donít need you any more, theyíll just say "Go to Hell".

Get ready to eat some crow,

íCause thereís a lot that you donít know.

We wonít miss you when you go.

Guess thereís a lot that you donít know.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2018 Steven A. Jent