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The Voices From Before

When you listen in the darkness for the voices from before,

Do you think you hear the echoes from beyond the closing door?

When you read the stars and planets, do they offer any guide?

Can you look into the world that’s waiting on the other side?


In the moonlight men have labored on paper and in stone.

Now the ravens haunt their chambers and their secrets lie unknown.

There were gentle men who told us that the truth would make us free;

Now the catacombs have led them to a world we cannot see.


Do you think you hear them calling? Do they tell you not to fear?

Do your pentagrams and candles make it easier to hear?

There are questions we will ask in vain til one of them returns,

But the most important answers are the easiest to learn:


Every person is a lesson.

Every lesson is a blessing.

Every blessing is a message.

But the message leaves you guessing at the truth.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2011 Steven A. Jent