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Time Gets Away From Us

Today is the day. Donít let me hear you say

Tomorrow will do just as well.

Another day will disappear. Another week. Another year.

And where they all go, who can tell?


Time gets away from us. It never will return

All the countless moments that we waste.

Time gets away from us. And do we ever learn

From all the empty dreams that we have chased?


You mustnít reminisce on chances that youíve missed,

All the things you wish youíd done or said.

Itís better to forget whatever you regret.

Donít look back when you should look ahead.


Time gets away from us, and we canít get it back.

But whatís the use of living it again?

Time gets away from us. And isnít it a fact

Weíd make the same mistakes that we made then?


Like a scene that we all know, in a film from long ago,

The pages of the calendar blow past.

Now and then you sigh, as if you wondered why

The wind has to blow so fast.


Time gets away from us. We canít set it aside.

The hour hand just goes on turning round.

Time gets away from us. And, hard as we have tried,

Weíve never found a way to slow it down.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2019 Steven A. Jent