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Just A Simple Song

This is just a simple song from simple little me.

Wonít you stay so I can sing my simple song to you?


Until you came along I didnít know how I could love.

How deep—how strong—how long, until amazing you.


Youíve heard this all before from too many who werenít true.

But I simply had to tell what before I never knew.


You donít have to say a word. Iím not looking for a chance.

I just simply had to say before the time just got away.


My simple little song. A very simple song.

Just a simple song just for lovely you.


I know you need to go. I have somewhere to be, too.

But I hope youíre glad you stayed to hear my story through.


Just a simple song, such a simple little song,

A silly little song from silly little me.


Just from me. Just for you.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2019 Steven A. Jent