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The Robots Are Coming

The robots are coming from outer space.

The robots are coming to take our place.

Theyíre coming to wipe out the human race.


The robots are landing everywhere.

Thousands of saucers fill the air.

Our missile defense never had a prayer.


The girls on the beach were having fun,

Dancing in bikinis in the summer sun,

Til the robots fired their laser guns.


They come from beyond the Milky Way.

They kill teenagers necking on Loverís Lane.

Itís something the scientists canít explain.


The Pentagon told us it was all in our heads,

And we believed everything they said.

But a robot took my girlfriend and she may be dead.


Donít let a robot invite you to dine.

Their cookbook is called To Serve Mankind.

That doesnít sound like a very good sign.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2019 Steven A. Jent