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I'll Be OK Til I'm Not

I used to try to be a regular guy.

Gave the 9-to-5 my best shot.

But it didn't pay, so now I just play,

And I'll be OK til I'm not.


I've watched my best years just disappear,

And my prospects ain't all that hot.

But another glass helps the evening pass,

So I'll be OK til I'm not.


Too many dreams have let me down.

Maybe I'll forget after one more round.


You may wonder why it seems like I

Never give the future much thought.

I just live for now, and anyhow

I'll be OK til I'm not.


I may be tempting fate staying out too late

And spending more than I've got.

But can anyone have too much fun?

I'll be OK til I'm not.


I guess I could have been much wiser.

But I'll never be an early riser.


You tell me I'm on borrowed time,

And soon I'm gonna get caught.

But until that day I'll just live my way,

And I'll be OK til I'm not.



All words and music copyright 19752018 Steven A. Jent