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There’s Nothing Else I’d Rather Do

We could fly to Timbuktu

Or spend the morning at the zoo.

A stroll beneath the stars. A rodeo out west.

What you like to do is what I like the best.

However we may pass the time,

For me each moment is sublime.

Anything’s delightful, for as long as I’m with you

There’s nothing else I’d rather do.


A snowy mountaintop in France.

An oasis in Sahara’s burning sands.

A lush, deserted isle. A planet out in space.

Wherever you may be becomes my favorite place.

So put me anywhere at all.

The Amazon or the Taj Mahal.

Any place is fine, because whenever you’re with me

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.


A thousand eligible brides

Are to be found on every side.

A princess of the realm, an heiress, or a dame.

They’re all right for some, but no thanks all the same.

She may be tall and slim and fair,

But she’s not you, so I don’t care.

You’re the only one who makes me feel like this.

There’s no one else I’d rather kiss.

There’s nothing else I’d rather,

By now you may have gathered,

There’s nothing else I’d rather do.




All words and music copyright © 1975–2020 Steven A. Jent