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Enough Is Never Enough

Everyone’s singing “Christmas is here”.

I’ve been out shopping, like every year.

My friends all mailed me Christmas cards.

I see Baby Jesus in my neighbors’ yards.


My house is hung with Christmas lights.

You’ll see them shining every night.

Inside you’ll find my Christmas tree

Dripping with tinsel like a tree should be.


Where’s this War On Christmas I keep hearing about?

Some people just love to hear themselves shout.

Christmas is something we get plenty of.

But for them enough is never enough.


What makes them act like “Happy Holidays”

Is some subversive, anti-Christmas phrase?

They can say “Merry Christmas” any time.

Nobody wants to make that a crime.


Seems like they’ll never be satisfied.

You’d think that Santa suddenly died.

It doesn’t matter how much they whine:

We know that Christmas will do just fine.


Where’s this War On Christmas I keep seeing on the news?

They need to calm down before they blow a fuse.

I guess when you’re determined to be in a huff,

Enough is never enough.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2022 Steven A. Jent