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Making A Change

Some people can be happy. Some people never are.

They want a bigger house, or they want a bigger car.

There’s always something missing, something they need to rearrange.

You’d think they’ve got it all, but they still want to make a change.


My baby says she loves me, she loves me a lot.

Sometimes I think she’s fooling. I really hope she’s not.

But lately when I’m with her, it feels a little strange.

I can’t help but worry she thinks it’s time to make a change.


I show up every morning. I work hard every day.

But I’m afraid my boss doesn’t see it quite that way.

He says my job description doesn’t fit my talent range,

And the best thing I can do is look somewhere else to make a change.


The world is going crazy. Is there still any doubt?

Half of it’s on fire, and the rest is flooded out.

Everywhere you look, this whole planet is deranged.

It’s too late now to stop it. Everything’s about to change.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2021 Steven A. Jent