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A Little Romance

There are things we can do, like dinner for two

Or a walk through the great outdoors.

They're romantic, all right, but they're not like the sight

Of my slippers next to yours.


We can mingle our lips, pausing only for sips

Of a rare, exquisite wine.

Though it means a great deal, there's a special appeal

In your slippers next to mine.


We could murmur of our eternal love,

And then pledge it with a kiss.

But it wouldn't be the same to me

If not for this domestic bliss.


Oh, I understand there are foreign lands

We should see when we are able.

But my favorite view is seeing you

Across the breakfast table.


We can put the top down and go cruising around

On a dreamy moonlit ride.

What I look for each night when we turn out the light

Is our slippers side by side.



All words and music copyright 19752011 Steven A. Jent