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Life Hurts

You may think you've finally met the girl who's right for you.

Just wait until she tells you that she's found somebody new.

Life hurts. Life hurts. It's bound to break your heart.

They say that love's divine, but you'll forget it if you're smart.

Life's tough enough already, and love just make it worse.

Life hurts. Life really hurts.


You can work for decades, saving every cent,

Then spend your final years wondering where the money went.

Life hurts. Life hurts. It's a bitch. And then you're dead.

It's a tale told by an idiot, just like somebody said.

It never treats you fair, so don't expect your just desserts.

Life hurts. Yeah, life hurts.


It's no use to protest. It's no use to complain.

The doctor slaps your ass, and you start a life of pain.

Life hurts. Life hurts. That's when the game begins.

Nobody's breaking even, and nobody ever wins.

You don't have to like it; that's just the way it works.

Life hurts. Life just hurts.


Sometimes when you see the way life plays with all your plans,

There's nothing you can do but hide your face in your hands.

Life hurts. Life hurts. Was there ever any doubt?

Sometimes you can't live with it, but you sure can't live without.

It's all in just two syllables, just these two little words:

Life hurts. Man, life hurts..



All words and music copyright 19752018 Steven A. Jent