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If Weíd Only Known

I never dreamed that you felt the same as I do.

It was hidden inside you

Like a gem in a vault.

I didnít speak because I could never dare to,

So afraid I might scare you.

But itís nobodyís fault.


All the days you felt forgotten.

All the nights I spent alone.

All the time we should have been in love.

If weíd only known.


Itís such a shame how needlessly long we waited

While our dreams slowly faded

And the days slipped away.

I canít recall which of us finally spoke

The words that we both had hoped

That the other would say.


After all it doesnít matter

How our feelings came to light.

This is suddenly a perfect day.

Now Iím waiting for tonight.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2021 Steven A. Jent