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Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus, though you weren’t born today.

It’s just that time of year when we observe it anyway.

It may have been in Summer. It may have been in Fall.

It hardly matters any more if you were born at all.


Your mother was a virgin. They tell me that’s a fact.

But why should we still care if Mary’s virtue was intact?

Perhaps it was a miracle that only happened once.

To me it makes more sense to think that Joseph was a dunce.


Santa brings us presents. He’s never missed a year.

But it’s been twenty centuries, so when will you be here?

You promised you’d come back to us, but that was long ago.

I can’t find any reason to still wait for you to show.


They said you’d bring us peace on Earth, and good will to all men.

But millions still live in the street. What would you say to them?

Christmas in a ghetto, or in the midst of war:

Jesus Christ! We’re all in pain. What are you waiting for?


The truth is, I like Christmas as much as anyone.

I love to hear the music, and exchanging gifts is fun.

We treat each other better than we usually do.

So Happy Birthday, Jesus! Wish you could be here too.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2019 Steven A. Jent