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I Hate Goodbyes

So now it's happening again:

The course of love has reached its end.

She'll say we still should keep in touch,

But neither wants it all that much.


I hate goodbyes. These long, sad goodbyes.

They always come at last.

I hate goodbyes. These tearful goodbyes.

The good times are gone so fast.


Why do we scatter like we do,

So far from everyone we knew?

We get together now and then.

But soon we're scattered once again.


I hate goodbyes. These constant goodbyes.

Much better to say hello.

I hate goodbyes. These endless goodbyes.

Where do the days all go?


I'm near that age when those most dear

May not all be around next year.

It's not an easy choice, you'll find,

To pass away or be left behind.


I hate goodbyes. These lasting goodbyes

To every friend I've known.

I hate goodbyes. These final goodbyes,

Leaving just me, alone.



All words and music copyright 19752018 Steven A. Jent