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Fifty Ways to Leave This Loser

So many people say our nation’s gone to Hell.

The man in the White House is a consummate dumbbell.

But we have one more chance to make things turn out well.

There must be fifty ways to leave this loser.


Our half-wit president belongs in a cartoon,

And nothing matters more than getting rid of that buffoon.

But there’s a national election coming soon.

There must be fifty ways to leave this loser.


Just vote for Joe, Flo. Take the White House back, Jack.

We need Senate seats, Pete. So go to the polls.

Say “Goodbye, Don”, Ron. Say “Goodbye, Mike”, Ike.

Say “Goodbye, Mitch”, Rich. Save our country’s soul.


Let’s kick out the fools, Jules. Turn your state blue, Pru.

Vote Democrat, Matt, when you’re in that booth.

Cast your vote early, Curly. Make your vote tell, Nell.

We need your support, Mort, and that’s the truth.


See you at the rally, Sallie. Join the campaign, Jane.

Get out and canvas, Agnes. There’s no time to lose.

Mail out those ballots, Alice. Help out the party, Marty.

Count those returns, Vern. We could use some good news.


We can win this thing, Bing. It ain’t too late, Kate.

But we need your votes, folks. Change is overdue.

Time you were gone, Don. Take a long hike, Mike.

Karma’s a bitch, Mitch, and it’s coming for you.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2020 Steven A. Jent