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Didn't You Know That About Me?

Now donít get accustomed to having me around,

For Iím only passing through.

I didnít choose to be forever outward-bound.

Itís just what I always do.

Iíve never loved anybody near as much

As I love my liberty.

I never meant to make it hard for you to see.

Didnít you know that about me?


There never was anything you could have done.

Itís simply the way things are.

Iím not the kind to give my heart to anyone.

Iíll let you in just so far.

I donít like to promise what I can never give,

But this I can guarantee:

The day will come when I need to be free.

Didnít you know that about me?


I canít really say just when Iíll be moving on,

But I can say it will be soon.

It may be tomorrow at the breaking of the dawn,

Or it may be the next full moon.

And when Iím gone I hope that I can leave behind

At least one sweet memory.

But thereís some other place where I ought to be.

Didnít you know that about me?



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2020 Steven A. Jent