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Rise, my love, before the others wake.

Slip away and watch the morning break.

The dew is cold, but you wonít mind, thereís something you must see.

The virgin light may offer us a sign of whatís to be,

So come with me.


Look ahead to mountains weeks away.

Here itís dark, but there theyíve found the day.

We could wander ever west to where those mountains lie:

Every day a different land, each night a different sky.

Weíre bound to try.


Canít you hear the ancient frontier song,

Charging us to always move along.

Like the ones before weíre in a tale thatís never done.

We will take it where we can, until our time is gone,

Then pass it on.


Itís not new to be afraid of Time.

Wonít it help to make your journey mine?

I donít believe a tale must be a sad one to be true.

Itís never been like me, and now I know itís not like you.

You love me too.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2011 Steven A. Jent