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Come Back to the King

Youíve been wandering alone in the Valley of Doubt,

And youíre beginning to wonder if youíll ever find your way out.

You want to be strong and make it on your own.

But someday youíll see that none of us can do it alone.


Come back to the King, and Heíll take your part.

All you have to bring is a humble heart.

Come back to the King. You know that He cares.

Heís been listening to all of your prayers.


Youíre standing on the edge of the depths of sin,

And itís easy going down, but itís hard climbing up again.

Youíre standing on the brink of that slippery slope,

But no matter what happens, you never have to give up hope.


Come back to the King. Heíll be waiting for you.

Itís the easiest thing you could ever do.

Come back to the King, and find perfect love.

Shelter under the wing of that pure white Dove.


Youíre driving yourself to needless pain.

Youíve got the world to lose, but your soul to gain.

You need to find something worth living for.

Come back to the King, and let Him open the door.


Come back to the King. All your pain will be eased.

You can drink from the spring of infinite peace.

Come back to the King, back where your belong,

And let your heart sing that eternal song.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2011 Steven A. Jent