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Clean Slate

The woman I was sure that I could trust

Has taken off and left me in her dust.

She told me that I didnít fit her scene,

Like Iím a serf and sheís some kind of queen.


I need a clean slate to re-invent myself.

Iíll make a clean break, leave the old me on the shelf.

Itís never too late to make another start.

With a clean slate this time Iíll play it smart.


She didnít leave a forwarding address.

She thinks she brushed me off but good, I guess.

But there are plenty more fish in the sea,

And soon sheíll wish that sheíd been true to me.


I need a clean slate. I want a whole new deal.

Iíll find a soul mate whose love I know is real.

You know I canít wait ítil that girl sees some day,

With a clean slate, the love she let get away.


I got a clean slate. The past is out of sight.

My life feels great, and the futureís looking bright.

It must have been fate when a new love came along.

With a clean slate, I know we canít go wrong.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2024 Steven A. Jent