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Champagne Tango

Of all the beverages for adults,

Just one accelerates my pulse.

I love to watch the bubbles rise

Like angels seeking paradise.

Others may choose high-octane booze,

But all I want is Champagne.


Tell me it comes from Epernay:

You’ve said all you need to say.

Only that second fermentation

Gives me that exquisite sensation.

Who cares what’s right: red versus white?

Everything goes with Champagne.


When your life is going great

Champagne will help you celebrate.

And if you’re down now and then

Champagne can cheer you up again.


If my doctor ever says to me,

“To live you must stay Champagne-free”,

I’ll say I’ve made a different choice.

I won’t give up my special joys.

I’ll trade my time for that wine sublime.

Who needs a life with no Champagne?



All words and music copyright © 1975–2022 Steven A. Jent