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Because It Hurts

So many years

Since youíve been here.

Then you reappear like a ghost.

You came and went back then.

Now youíre gone again,

And I can scarcely sense what Iíve lost.


Because it hurts to know

Once more Iíve watched you go.

How could we simply throw that away?

Iím left alone to grope

For a few fragments of hope.

I push that rock up that slope day after day.


Every time I gain some ground,

I just climb one step up and two steps down.


This life is not designed

With our happiness in mind.

The game is not the kind we can win.

We find what love we can

And never understand

Weíre no more free than a moth on a pin.


And it hurts to say

This is the only way.

Our love must always stay in the past.

What we had, what once was,

Can be no longer because

I know that rock always does fall back at last.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2021 Steven A. Jent