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Back To Work

You say that you’re the man to lead us through this plague.

Your grasp of science is unsettlingly vague.

Each week you have another cure for us to try.

Who cares how many people die?


You say Americans should all head back to work.

These life-or-death decisions are a presidential perk.

And if it moves the Dow 5,000 points ahead,

That’s worth 50,000 dead.


A few old people won’t be missed

If they’re too feeble to resist.

And some of those with darker skin

May see their numbers start to thin.


We know better than to hang around outside.

We’ll do what’s safe no matter what you may decide.

We’re staying home like all the doctors say we should.

Isn’t it time you understood?


Our lives matter more

Than re-opening some store.

This is nothing like the flu,

And we’re not risking it for you.


We can see there’s just one thing you care about:

Looking important so you won’t get voted out.

But all your bluster isn’t fooling anyone.

Looks like your time is almost done.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2020 Steven A. Jent