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Whiskey and Woe

The woman you love just broke your heart.

You never thought sheíd really go.

You drink to forget, and thatís how it starts.

Soon all youíve got is whiskey and woe.


Whiskey and woe, Bourbon and blues,

Scotch and sorrow, theyíre nothing but bad news.

By the bottle or by the glass,

Drink enough of that stuff and itís bound to kick your ass.


The radar clocks you right around 95

Because you just canít stand to go too slow.

The police test your breath and the judge says you canít drive.

And itís all because of whiskey and woe.


Whiskey and woe, Scotch and sorrow,

Bourbon and blues, itís just a losing game.

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow,

Youíll realize too late that it always ends the same.


Corn and rotgut, moonshine and redeye.

Now donít pretend that you donít know.

Poteen and hooch, white lightning and rye.

Theyíre all just fancy names for whiskey and woe.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2019 Steven A. Jent