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I've Got the Twelve-Bar Blues

I'm trying to find my baby. I've looked all over town.

I've been to all the places where we used to hang around.

It's so long since I've seen her, and it doesn't seem right.

I must have tried a dozen different bars tonight.

If I sound sorry for myself, this is my excuse:

I've got the twelve-bar blues.


I looked in at Giuseppe's. She's not there now.

They offered some Chianti, but I just said "Ciao".

I stopped by at the Abbey to see if she was there.

It didn't take me long to see I didn't have a prayer.

You may think it's funny, but we are not amused.

We've got the twelve-bar blues.


The next place where I looked was the Loco Cafe.

They told me I was crazy. They hadn't seen her anyway.

I moved on to LSA, but they were very rude.

They told me that I needed to change my attitude.

Until I find her I'm never gonna lose

These old twelve-bar blues.


She's given me more trouble than I think I deserve.

I could have tried Audacity, but I didn't have the nerve.

I don't know why she left me. I thought she really cared.

They said I was L7 when I went to Wine Squared.

I don't mind telling you my ego's really bruised.

I've got the twelve-bar blues.


Everywhere I went I asked, "Have you seen her here?"

When I asked at Fuzzy's, the answer was unclear.

I walked into Hooligans, where I thought she might be found.

They said I was unruly and told me to calm down.

Everywhere I go I get nothing but bad news.

I hate these twelve-bar blues.


Now if you've been keeping score so far,

And if you're not confused,

You'll understand that's when I had the eight-bar blues.


I stopped at the Garage, but my search just stalled.

At Dusty's I just found myself behind the eight ball.

The people at the Boardwalk said I might as well pound sand.

And no amount of silver did me any good at Dan's.

By now you may be thinking this expression's overused,

But I've still got the twelve-bar blues.



All words and music copyright 19752017 Steven A. Jent