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She’ll Come Upon You

She’ll come upon you barely in time,

When you’re in need of a positive sign.

She’ll take your somber, favorite airs

And brush them away with the thought that she cares.


She’ll come upon you walking at night.

She’ll try to draw you into her light.

She will console you til she understands

You’re happy to suffer joy at her hands.


Yesterday you thought she’d never find you,

Lonely when you had no right to be.

She was always standing right behind you,

Hoping you would turn around and see.


She’ll find within you a measure of fear.

You’ll want to run with the moment so near.

You know some sorrow may come of this day,

But denying what’s in you was never your way.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2011 Steven A. Jent