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She Walks Alone

She walks in the night when she thinks no one knows.

But Iím not a fool, and Iíve seen where she goes.

She climbs Boot Hill and she weeps by the grave

Of my best friend who I could have saved.


He was accused of killing a man.

But he wouldnít speak though it meant he would hang.

I knew all along where heíd really been.

He and my wife were together in sin.


She walks alone in a long black veil,

While I live in silence with this mournful tale.

They both hurt me so I could never forgive,

But I still should have let him live.


They didnít know I could spare his fate.

But I said not a word, and then it was too late.

He stood on the scaffold, and then he was gone.

It broke her young heart, though she never let on.


Our lives since that day havenít been the same.

Neither of us ever mentions his name.

But timeís running out and it wonít be long

Til the three of us answer for all we did wrong.


She walks alone in a long black veil.

She doesnít know that Iím living in Hell.

I canít forget it, as hard as I try.

He didnít deserve to die.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2018 Steven A. Jent