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Ragged Edge Road

You came to me with empty hands

And love that asked for nothing back.

How could you ever understand

That was the kind of love I lack?


Now I'm on Ragged Edge Road.

Not the life I always dreamed.

But maybe I'll be redeemed

At the end of Ragged Edge Road.


It isn't all that hard to tell

What always set me apart from you.

You may believe in things ending well,

But in my life they never do.


So I'm on Ragged Edge Road.

No use in asking why,

Because we both know that I

Belong here on Ragged Edge Road.


Out here on Ragged Edge Road,

Don't ask me how I live.

If you still have love to give,

Remember me on Ragged Edge Road.


I've been on Ragged Edge Road

So long I can't recall.

If you ever loved me at all,

Look for me on Ragged Edge Road.



All words and music copyright 19752017 Steven A. Jent