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One for the Road

I can't believe I've killed another night in this damn bar.

I'll have one for the road, and then I'm gonna look for my car.

That guy in the mirror doesn't know this face he sees.

Can't a man finish his drink in peace?

Hell, no, you ain't takin' my keys.


Give me one for the road.

Don't say I can't have any more.

Pour me one for the road.

I've always made it home before.


When I was a young man, I thought I'd make it to the top.

Then my troubles began, and they just never seemed to stop.

My life ain't turnin' out the way I thought it would be.

All my dreams are just a memory.

Everything happens to me.


Give me one for the road.

This ain't what I deserve.

I need one for the road

Just to steady my nerve.


I've gone through too many cigarettes and way too much booze.

But look at me now, and tell me what I've got to lose.

Today is hopeless, and the future don't look so sweet.

But I can tell myself I've got it beat

When I'm out on the street.


Give me one for the road.

Nobody cares how I feel.

But I still own the road

When I'm behind the wheel.


Give me one for the road.

Don't worry, I'll be all right.

But if you're on the road,

You better drive real careful tonight.



All words and music copyright 19752011 Steven A. Jent