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No Moon In June

Some like to sing of bluebirds on the wing,

Roses in the spring, and all those dreamy things.

Yes, I could write of two hearts taking flight,

But that's not all you need to keep you warm at night.


Maybe I can't make a clever rhyme.

What I can give you beats that any time.

No moon in June, no turtle doves,

Just real and lasting love.


I know there are those who go for worn-out prose.

For what I want to tell you, it never could come close.

When I convey what I have to say,

I try to stay away from using a cliché.


At writing ditties I don't stand a chance.

But I know what makes a true romance.

No moon in June, no angels above,

Just real and lasting love.


I can wait for you to realize

There's more than tender sighs and starry eyes.

No moon in June, that old, dreary stuff,

Just real and lasting love.

No moon in June, but ain't this enough?

My real and lasting love.



All words and music copyright 19752016 Steven A. Jent