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My car broke down outside of Nashville.

But there was nothing I could do,

Because I'd run clean out of cash bills.

So I broke down and cried from missing you.


I thought you'd wait for me in Nashville.

I should have known you'd be untrue.

'Cause it ain't like you to be bashful

About taking up with someone new.


I looked for you all over Nashville.

But it was hopeless in the end.

I didn't need a lot of math skills

To know you were two-timing me again.


I thought my dreams were there in Nashville.

But all my dreams were not to be.

The last I heard you'd gone to Asheville

With someone you loved more than me.


I'm never going back to Nashville.

The wounds you left ain't healed yet.

But when I'm sipping from my mash still,

It makes it easy to forget.

These days you're easy to forget.



All words and music copyright 19752018 Steven A. Jent