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Madame Soleil

All the sunlight in her heart dances laughing in her eyes:

Eyes that see the things to come, the past and future all as one,

Eyes that notice so much more than mine.


Are these wings I see or arms? Not an angel, still she flies

To places no one else may know, where she leaves the world below,

And leaves me here to wait another time


Until Madame Soleil comes to play, and with her comes the Sun,

Until the doors of soft and silence gather her away.


We may meet from time to time to share the secrets that we find.

To know that life and change are one, not to be but to become.

She only stays to seek another sign.


And then Madame Soleil goes her way, and with her goes the Sun,

And the doors of soft and silence close another day.



All words and music copyright 19752011 Steven A. Jent