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Long Stretch of Road

There's a long stretch of road where no man should have to go.

Til you've been down that road, there's a lot you'll never know.


We've all seen him by the road with a sign in his hand:

"Can you spare a little change? Help me out if you can."


He once was young and strong, tall and proud, in his prime.

But that road will break a man, make him old before his time.


Lost his job, lost his friends, lost his wife and his home.

Now he's far down that road, and he travels it alone.


Everything that he owns fits inside a tattered sack.

When you've started down that road, it's not easy turning back.


He thinks about the past, looking back across the years,

But he never understands how the road led him here.


We see the road he's on, shake our heads, and wonder why.

Yet there but for the grace of God go you and I.


It's a long stretch of road where no man should have to go.

He was lost on that road such a long time ago.



All words and music copyright 19752016 Steven A. Jent