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Just Like This Life

Years ago you were sure you'd be a star.

Years have passed. Have you gotten all that far?

It's just like this life to put you where you are.


You believed her when she said you'd never part.

Now she's gone and it's tearing at your heart.

It's just like this life to let you down good and hard.


Sometimes you can't help but think about

What you had and what you've lost.

It's just like this life to take what you love most.


This life's out to get you any way it can.

At least that's how it often seems.

It's just like this life to laugh at all your dreams.


When I'm down, she is there to help me see

All we have, and how good this life can be.

I just like this life as long as she's with me.



All words and music copyright 19752017 Steven A. Jent