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It Must Be Nice

I think thereís got to be a better place for me.

A place where I can just relax beside the sea.

A place where I can have a life thatís worry-free.

And now I think I know just where that place would be.


It must be nice to live the island way.

Nothing to do but contemplate all day.

I donít need much, just a shack beside the shore,

A case of beer, and nothing more.


It must be nice to feel the ocean breeze.

It cools your skin and whispers in the trees.

Just sling a hammock on the porch in the shade,

And maybe strum a serenade.


It must be nice sitting on the beach,

Toes in the sand, and a daiquiri in reach.

I donít know if I will ever see my dream come true.

But dreamingís still a pleasant thing to do.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2024 Steven A. Jent