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If I Knew You Then

In the hazy past somewhere our paths must have crossed,

Though the memory has faded like a rose.

Now I know we canít reclaim all the time weíve lost.

Our lives have seen too many long agos.


And if I saw you then, I didnít see you clear.

I turned away, and soon the moment passed.

But when I see you now, itís good to know youíre here,

Good to be this close to you at last.


Winter followed Autumn and Summer followed Spring.

This solitary life was all I knew.

How could I imagine that Time would finally bring

A second chance for me to be with you?


And if I met you then, I didnít catch your name.

I never even wondered what Iíd missed.

But since Iíve met you now, my life canít be the same.

Iíve never longed for anyone like this.


The years when Iíd forgotten you and youíd forgotten me,

We couldnít have foreseen the ways of Fate.

Now itís led us both to where we were meant to be,

So tell me you believe itís not too late.


And if I knew you then, I didnít know you well.

But I canít let you drift away again,

Because I know you now, and I can already tell

It feels the same as if I knew you then.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2018 Steven A. Jent