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Hallelujah Anyway

Each Sunday morning you'll be talking on TV,

Telling me I've gone astray,

But I can still be saved for just a modest fee.

Hallelujah anyway.


Can I mail a check to cancel all my sin?

Will that make everything OK?

I'll show Saint Peter my receipt, and he'll let me in.

Hallelujah anyway.


Week after week you say I need to give you more,

Just as much as I can pay.

But didn't Someone tell us "Blessed are the poor"?

Hallelujah anyway.


You think that money is a blessing from on high.

Have you forgotten what they say

About a camel passing through a needle's eye?

Hallelujah anyway.


You say that good things are sure to come my way

For every donation, wait and see.

But all those good things seem to come to you, not me.


You're telling me that Jesus wants you to be rich

'Cause that's the life for which you pray.

Between you and Lucifer I can't tell which is which.

Hallelujah anyway.


You're asking me to send you every cent I've got.

How will it feel on Judgment Day

When you find you're headed where it's always hot?

Hallelujah anyway.

And you're going there to stay.

Hallelujah anyway.



All words and music copyright 19752017 Steven A. Jent