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Peace and Good Will

Through the window I can see a Christmas tree.

But those lights never seem to shine for me.

That living room looks warm and bright.

But Iíll be sleeping on a bench again tonight.


It gets mighty cold when that north wind blows.

This morning I could scarcely feel my toes.

A ragged blanket only goes so far.

I bet it must be nice to sleep in a car.


When itís all I can do not to freeze,

I donít need a song about good will and peace.


Still, I could use a piece of that grace.

Can a miracle come to pass these days?

The only good will I ever see

Is where they gave this old coat to me for free.


I guess thatís the way itís always been.

Thereís never enough room at the inn.

No oneís bringing me frankincense or myrrh.

But if you have a little gold to spare…



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2020 Steven A. Jent