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Good To See You Again

The Summer of Love brought you and me

To a time that I wished could never end.

Anywhere with you was the best place I could be,

And it was always good to see you again.


We both understood some day you would go,

But neither could foretell where or when.

It hurt to find you gone, though it had to be so.

Still it would have been good to see you again.


I think of you more as day follows day.

But it just seems like youre always farther away.


I thought Id left behind the memories of you,

Although they linger now and then.

I say that life is past, but I know it isnt true,

And it would do me good to see you again.


I think of the time when you were always near.

Some days it feels like Im living there more than here.


None of us can say what may betide

When our journey leads us round that last bend.

But if we should meet on the other side,

Well just smile and say, Its good to see you again.



All words and music copyright 19752019 Steven A. Jent