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Empty Glass

My glass has always looked empty to me.

Some days I think it always will.

I canít think of a reason why this ought to be.

I just know itís never been filled.

Once in my life I would just like a taste

Of the life everybody else has.

But time after time my hopes are misplaced,

And I still have an empty glass.


It doesnít seem like Iím asking a lot.

I still do the best that I can.

Iíve never tried to be something Iím not,

But I wish someone saw what I am.

Moment by moment I look for a sign.

But the moments are gone all too fast.

And it wonít be long ítil Iíve run out of time

And Iím left with an empty glass.


It isnít easy to live with this thirst.

Itís been put off in so many ways.

I donít insist that I cross the line first,

But I do mean to be in the race.

I know that one morning the Sun will break through,

When all of my dark days are past.

And all the good things that I never knew

Will fill up my empty glass.

Yes, so many things that are long overdue

Will fill this old empty glass.



All words and music copyright © 1975Ė2018 Steven A. Jent