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Don’t You Know

This is the hottest year again,

And who can say where it will end?

Don’t you know what it foretells

As every glacier melts?

Let someone else deal with it then.


We’ve all been so cavalier,

But now the reckoning is near.

Don’t you know we shut our eyes

And let the temperatures rise?

And now the price is all too clear.


It was us turned up the heat.

Now there’s no place to retreat.

Don’t you know what we’ve done?

We can’t stop what we’ve begun.

We’ve overrun the balance sheet.


We had to take more than our share.

How can we claim we weren’t aware?

Don’t you know we’ve stolen from

The generations still to come?

Were our hearts so numb we didn’t care?


Satan laughs, unconvincingly,

“This is all too much for even me.”

Don’t you know on that day

When we’ve lived too long this way,

He’ll see we pay the penalty?


Mark and Matthew, Luke and John

Wonder what the Hell is going on.

Don’t you know what they said

About the quick and the dead?

The seas turn red, then they’re gone.



All words and music copyright © 1975–2018 Steven A. Jent