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Custom Music Composition


I would be pleased to write some special music to add a unique memory to your important day, such as a wedding, a birthday, a graduation party, or even a funeral. You can listen to all my music here at my website. This will give you an idea of the range of styles I can work in and the quality of the recordings I can produce for you.


I can provide sheet music for a live performance (finding the musicians is up to you) or a CD of a lifelike computer-generated recording using high-quality sampled instruments. The computer option does not permit vocal parts.


You may specify the style, the mood, the length, and the sort of ensemble I should compose for, anything from a simple piano piece to a symphony orchestra. Naturally I need to know these details with sufficient time before the event, depending on the scale of the composition. As work progresses, I can give you samples to be sure I'm composing something to your liking.


I do not offer arrangements of material already under copyright by other artists. I can set a public-domain text to original music.


I retain the copyright on all music I provide. You and your guests are welcome to keep CDs of the music, provided my name and copyright appear on the label.


I charge $50 per minute of music per instrument. I charge only once for repeated measures; this does not apply to an original song with multiple verses. Two-handed instruments, like pianos, organs, and harps, count as two instruments. For instance, my Alma Mater for organ is about 1:30 excluding repeats, so a similar work would cost $150. The Wedding Waltz is a bit over 3:00 for five-part string orchestra and would cost $750.


I expect a nominal down-payment before I start work. Complete payment is due when I deliver the finished piece.

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