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Below Zero

She made me love her blazing hot,

Hotter than molten steel.

My soul burned like a prairie fire in July.

Then out of the blue she said she loved me not,

And none of it was ever real.

Her words made me shiver inside, and now I know why.


It's five below zero in her heart,

Like a blue norther just blew in.

It's a blizzard here every day of the year,

And she'll never feel Summer again.


It's five below zero in her heart,

With snow drifts five feet high.

All of her tears have turned to ice,

But she still likes to see you cry.


As time goes by it may melt that frost,

And she'll start to miss me then.

Maybe the day will come when she changes her mind.

She may imagine that what she's lost

Can always be hers again.

But if she comes back she won't like what she finds.


It's ten below zero in my heart,

Iced over from pole to pole.

If I had a brass monkey he'd bundle up tight

And swear that it's too damn cold.


It's ten below zero in my heart.

That's negative ten degrees.

Maybe someday I won't feel this way...

And maybe someday Hell's gonna freeze.



All words and music copyright 19752015 Steven A. Jent